RIZQ Studio


RIZQ Studio is a sub-company under RIZQ Educare to innovate education through the concept of digital edutainment to reach all the beneficiaries all over the world.

Fun and creative related contents become the core of the digital edutainment will enable children to express their creativity via a most creative way of learning, as well as to enhance students’ holistic self-development.

3 sub-core business that conducted by RizQ Studio are:

  1. RizQ Virtual School – a digital learning system that focusing on Primary Education by introducing EDUTAINMENT NETWORK conceptual.
  2. MyCelebrity – An enrichment program that emphasizes creative, critical thinking and entertainment related contents. This program is to empower children with soft-skill development through animation, arts, and craft.
  3. Commercial – We provide rental services for our fully equipped facilities.

We provide professional and high-quality services in all ranges.

  1. Animation production and Graphic Design
  2. Book Design
  3. Signboard
  4. Education content
  5. 3D Animation
  6. T-Shirt Design
  7. Video Production
  8. Online Education Learning (RVS)
  9. Youtube Education Channel
  10. Production Workshop
  11. Event Management
  12. Audio Production
  13. Event Coverage
  14. In-House TV Channel
  15. In-House Radio Channel
  16. Talent Development Program (TDP)
  17. MyCelebrity

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