Kyushoku Program

Kyushoku is a lunch program provided by the school system in Japanese elementary and middle schools. It is served at a specific time of the day and the homeroom teacher and classmates will all eat together.

At RizQ, Kyushoku is also known as Rizq Kyushoku Programme that has been implemented since 2017 during morning break and lunch. The Han will be appointed to lead the Kyushoku session everyday.

The menu planned according to at least 70% of daily energy intake recommended by Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH). The menu for lunch provided basically is complete set of meals with carbohydrate, protein, vegetables and fruits source food to ensure the students obtain sufficient energy and nutrients during schooling session everyday.

Through Rizq Kyushoku programme, the students learn a lot of things such as nutrition, eating manners, responsibility, and so on. Rizq Kyushoku Programme is also considered as a part of school education at RizQ.

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