The transportation service is set up to provide a comprehensive transport facility, given access to locations, timing and demand. Our drivers are highly trained and tested drivers on the road. They are trained specifically for transporting children to and from school.

For safety reason, the buses were installed with the GPS Tracking System together with Outdoor and Indoor Camera Recorder (Dashcam). All of these features were handling by the Management.

The arrangement of the route will be based on the number of registrations received and negotiation with the parents. Each bus will have a maximum of 4 pick-up points and dependent on where parents are located could do individual drop-offs if this is not too many, nor too time consuming for learners at the end of the day. Otherwise it will drop off where it picks up.


Application must be made to RIS at least 2 weeks prior to the proposed commencement date of the bus service and is subject to acceptance by RIS. Application form can be forwarded to RIS via Student Services (beside payment counter) at RIS Administrative Office. Application can be sent by hand or email.

Upon confirmation of the availability of the bus service, RIS will send an invoice to parents and payment can be made directly to RIS via cheque/bank transfer/online transfer or cash. An official receipt will be issued to acknowledge the payment received. Application(s) may take up to two (2) weeks to process. Application(s) may be declined depending on the availability of seats and bus routes.


Parents who wish to stop the use of the bus service is required to give one (1) month written notice to the school. Any claim(s) will not be entertained if no ample notice is provided. Issues pertaining to discontinuation and payments must be discussed with RIS.


Learners will be dropped off ONLY at RIS or their drop off locations. Strictly no house pick‐up or drop off. All routes pick‐up and drop off times will be subjected to weather, traffic and other unforeseen circumstances. To avoid late arrival, learners are required to be at the pick‐up points 5 minutes before the pick‐up time. All buses will wait 10 minutes for learners to board after school/CCA. Should learners wish to exit at another designated drop off point, they will require prior written permission from their parents/guardian.

For 1 way service, learners taking the morning school bus are not allowed to switch to afternoon school bus and vice versa.

Learners taking the school bus are required to observe and adhere to the school bus regulations. RIS will not hesitate to prohibit the learners from boarding the school bus for two weeks should the learners violate any of the stipulated rules and regulations.


Majlis Perbandaran Kajang


Giant Taman Genaris


Taman Sri Damai


Country Height


Petronas Reko Sentral


RizQ Islamic School




Petronas Seksyen 15 Bangi


SK Bandar Baru Bangi


MC Donald Bandar Baru Bangi


Surau Al-Mujahidin


RizQ Islamic School


Putrajaya Central


SK Putrajaya P16




Petronas P11


IOI City Mall


RizQ Islamic School


  • Areas covered within different zone are not limited as per listed - buses will be made available upon demand from parents.
  • A minimum of 10 students per area/zone is required to establish a school bus service.
  • Seats applicable to first-come-first-serve basis.
  • In general, 3 compulsory covered zone are:
    • Kajang
    • Bangi
    • Putrajaya
  • Pick up points changes is depending on majority area and the easy route access.
  • Price quoted is for per student per term. Please contact our office for more details.
  • For further info please contact our office at 03-89120447 or email to
  • To register your kids for 2019 transportation, kindly print and fill up the form below. You may send the form at the Administrative Office for further notice.
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